Scissor Torque Arm

  • Floor mounted design
  • Ideal for heavy duty torque applications
  • Air balanced with full range of motion
  • Optional spatial positioning feedback

Table Mount Torque Arm

  • Light duty simple design
  • Air balanced with full range of motion
  • Holds electric or pneumatic tools

Conveyor Mount Torque Arm

  • Conveyor and floor mount options
  • Bearing slides provide ease of movement
  • Air balanced vertical motion
  • Rugged design ensures longevity
  • Cable managemnt for clean installation

Trim Clip Machine

Automated Solutions, Inc. is pleased to present a patented Trim Clipping Machine to attach a sewn trim cover to a foam pad. These machines are capable of running all styles of foam including full bench versions.

Conveyor-line Build Pallets

  • Engineered to customer specifications
  • Dowel hole construction hardened tooling
  • Auto or manual clamping
  • Tilt and rotate features
  • Pallet bases or tooling only

Manual Assembly Fixtures

  • Rigid steel construction frame
  • Blanchard ground top with hardened surface details
  • Air balanced torque arms with full freedom of movement
  • Ergonomic electric height adjust
  • Customizable to suit your requirements

Torque Lockout Fixtures

  • Extruded aluminum or steel construction frames
  • Air balanced torque reaction arms
  • Ergonomic electric height adjust
  • PLC controlled part clamping with torque interlock
  • Robust designs for longevity

Compression Fixtures

  • Extruded aluminum or steel construction frames
  • Electric ergo height adjust
  • CNC cut profile nests
  • Full 360° tooling rotate with home position
  • FSB, RSB 40%/60% and full bench version available
  • Optional 3rd party guarding available

Seat Back Stuffers

  • Fully adjustable trim tension rollers
  • Available seat back tilt features
  • Optional biteline closeouts
  • 180° rotate for full seat back access
  • Inverted design eases operator interface

Vision Systems

Automated Solutions can design and integrate a vision system to suit your needs.  Whether it is a standalone checking fixture with an optional paint marking system or integrated directly into your existing equipment, we have numerous product offerings to ensure we meet your requirements and budget.